My name is Ty and I’m a speaker. I’m a dog trainer. I’m a consultant.

When I was a 14 years old I got my first dog (that I had been begging for for years) and was able to secure a job with a local dog trainer.

This dog trainer taught me everything he knew about dog training and dog behavior.

At the time, I had no idea that I could actually later turn this passion for dog training into a career.

But I found myself a decade later, as a 25 year old kid, with a wife and baby at home with another baby on the way.

On the verge of bankruptcy, working a dead end graveyard job at a factory, and with no idea how to run a business I started my first.

But that first year I spent just as much time learning the skill set of marketing using storytelling. That first year I went from earning $12/hr in a grimy, dark factory to making over six figures.

And I did it without spending a dime on advertising. It was all through the power of storytelling.

That was over a decade ago.

Nowadays I’ve been lucky enough to build one of the largest dog training companies in the country.

In the process of doing so I’ve had business owners from around the world contact me to learn how I’ve been able to build up a seven figure dog training business without forming referral partners like veterinarians, dog groomers, and pet stores and without spending money on advertising.

I’ve been able to use speaking, coaching, and consulting as a vehicle to tell my story about how stories can be one of the most powerful, low tech, cheapest, easy to use methods to build a following, pre-qualify prospects before they ever reach out to you, gain know-like-and-trust, and sell more of your service or product with FAR less resistance and pain.

Want to follow this journey with me?

Thanks for coming to my site. Please reach out if my team and I can help your business.