I believe in storytelling to grow a business.

I believe in using storytelling in email, website copy, video copy, and sales scripting to grow a business.

In fact, I believe in storytelling so much that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to teaching it to business owners, sales professionals, and other pros like you.

The first time I taught this to a solopreneur he increased his income by $13,000 in one month.

The second time I taught this the company was able to triple revenues in the first year.

Time and time again I’ve been able to see companies grow using this simple, cheap, low-tech, easy to implement method.

So these days my consulting is called shared risk.

After a retainer, we only get paid when you make more money from my methods.

Here’s Who it’s For:


Established business


The open minded.  My job isn’t to SELL skeptical businesses over and over.  My job is to help harness the power of storytelling with businesses that are open to new methods.


Ideally a business will have an email list and other marketing platforms getting traffic (website, social media platforms, etc.)  This isn’t necessary but it will effect the speed of growth.


A business that takes action.  Imperfect action beats perfect mediation every time.

Here’s Who Shouldn’t Apply:


Businesses who have had numerous failures with other consultants.


Businesses who aren’t willing or CAN’T implement new ideas and new strategies.


We aren’t know-it-alls.  And we can’t work with know-it-alls.  If teamwork isn’t on your menu then we shouldn’t be ordering.

All consulting relationships start with an initial phone call for dual discovery to see if we are a mutual fit.
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