Once upon a time there was a business owner. He opened a new store and put in a full time salesperson.

Now, this business owner’s widgets were amazing. Some of the best in the industry.

But his salesperson struggled.

The salesperson didn’t know how to present the widgets properly. And didn’t know how to greet guests properly. And didn’t know how to check the customer out properly and offer additional services to make the widget experience better.

In fact, the salesperson didn’t even make good eye contact, shook hands weird, and sometimes smelled…off.

But the business owner was determined to make sales. So he did some advertising to get people through the door.

And through the door they came!

That first month 1,000 people came through the door.

But, because of the inefficiency of the salesperson, only 1 person bought the widget.

That wasn’t enough to keep the business going but the business owner doubled down and advertised enough to bring in 2,000 people the next month. 2 sales happened.

But with the advertising spend the business owner was actually LOSING money.

He thought to himself that if only he could sell 10 widgets a month that he’d do good.

‘Well, how are you going to do that?’ his friend asked him. ‘You keep spending more to get more people through the door. But you’re not making enough money from the sales. How will you get to 10?’

‘Well…,’ he thought, ‘I guess I’ll just have to spend 10 times as much to get people through the door as I did that first month!’

Okay, okay.

I know this sounds silly and stupid.

But how many business owners do this…with their website?

Their website is their 24/7 salesperson.

But, because of the copywriting and the conversion mechanisms on the site, the business is simply not making enough sales.

So what do business owners often do?

Instead of FIXING the salesperson and making sure the salesperson (their website) is doing it’s best job, they look to invest money in SEO, in paid advertising, and more.

While there is nothing wrong with SEO and paid advertising, it’s like flushing your money down the drain if your salesperson/website isn’t doing it’s job.

As business owners we’ve got website copy, email copy, video copy and more that we present to our prospects.

Our ability to put the best copy forward determines whether our salesperson is cranking on all cylinders…or smells bad and talks funny.

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