Leadership and Team Building

Over the past 20 years I, along with my team, have trained THOUSANDS of dogs.

We’ve become so well known in this industry that people routinely send us their dogs from all over the country or fly me around the world to work with their dogs.

Our success has been dictated by our ability to create a strong bond with dogs, be solid and fair leaders, and create and engagement through teamwork.

In other words, everything you’re looking to foster with your team.

Don’t worry, I’m not comparing your team to dogs 🙂

But there is a truth about leadership and team building that transcends both humans and dogs.

Principles that, when understood and applied, lead to team members working together and taking ownership and leadership over their tasks.

The net result of this type of training is less absenteeism, better morale, an improved culture, and, above all, a stronger bottom line.

In this training Ty comes on site to work with you.

He has some of your team bring in their dogs in order to do hands on training with the dogs, activities, and games that show leadership and team building in motion.

The workshop is fun and entertaining.  It’s insightful.  It creates positive change.

Even people who don’t like or are allergic to dogs can participate and have a great time.

Reach out to us to check availability.  Your bottom line will thank you.