Here’s my promise to you.

You can use stories to grow your sales or your business by 57% or more in less than a year by using this low tech, low cost, easy to use medium.

Don’t believe me?

I don’t blame you.  When you’re in sales or a business owner you’re constantly looking for that golden nugget.  That magic bullet that is going to provide you predictable revenue, make your job easier, and have sales come flooding in without having to cold call all day long and wear out your shoe leather going around town dropping in on every prospect.

And those of us in sales always ASSUME that if such a technique or method exists that it surely must be expensive, HAS TO BE difficult, can’t be easy, probably involves uncovering some sort of Google algorithm and setting up an incredibly difficult Facebook ad account, and is probably going to take an enormous amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong.

There are plenty of marketing and sales techniques that involve all of that stuff and more.

But I don’t know if I’m lazy, easily discouraged, or what…but if you tell me that a sales growth technique is going to take a lot of time, going to require a lot of set up, going to require a ton of cash then you’re going to quickly lose me.

And if someone tells me that they can literally explode my business with sales by taking an hour or two a week, using software that I already have and doesn’t cost me anything extra, and that it’s easy to set up, I’m immediately skeptical.

And that’s where I was a few years ago when I had found my dog training business in a growth stage.

At our company we had overextended ourselves.  We had a new building that cost THOUSANDS per month, new staff, and all sorts of new bills.

But, and I’m not kidding, this is how stupid I can be, I had committed to all these NEW expenses WITHOUT having created a plan for increasing sales and revenue!  (Negotiating with the landlord for months and all that stuff totally clouded my mind and I forgot to put together a new marketing plan…stupid, I know.)

So I did what everyone does.  I hired a bunch of agencies.

I hired this guy to do Facebook ads, I hired that company to send out postcards to our neighboring market, I put an ad in a group mailer, and I hired a company to create leads and sell them to me.

Ever found yourself trying all the stuff that everyone else does?

Well, when you do what everyone else does you get what everyone else gets.  Typically, stagnant sales and a business that grows in tiny increments.

All of that new advertising stuff did nothing to grow my business.

So, desperate, I took to another path.

I started telling stories in emails.

That’s it!

Well, it was a bit more complex than that.  But based on storytelling I was able to:


Dramatically increase referrals. By staying in front of people and entertaining and teaching them we added SIX FIGURES in revenue from referrals alone. How would you like to increase referrals and warm leads without asking for it?


Blew up our closing rate! When you finally get the chance to talk with your prospect and they already feel like they know and like you, you can close a lot more sales. Would something like that mean something to your bottom line?


Shorten the sales cycle as well as making the sales process easier to the point where prospects often now call to sign up…even though we’ve never spoken to them! Does your product or service sell itself and you can just be an order taker? Stories can do that for you.

In fact, there was even ONE PIVOTAL story to which I’ve been able to track millions of dollars of revenue.

Can you imagine that?  Can you imagine writing one story and having that spearhead millions of dollars in sales for you?

Stories can do that in a way that no other venue can.

Would you be interested to know what that one story was that sold millions for me?  Must be an amazing story that is poignant, heartfelt, and inspiring, right?


It’s a story about me jumping off a tower naked.

In fact, I’ll share it with you.  Click here and I’ll send you the story and HOW I use stories just like that to sell millions for me in the easiest, lowest-tech, cheapest method I’ve ever encountered.

My speaking presentations are designed to teach your audience, in an informative and funny way, the exact process I use to employ stories to GROW YOUR AUDIENCE’S SALES using this low-tech, cheap, and easy medium.

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